About Us

Wirta Hospitality Worldwide is a family-owned company that designs, builds, owns and operates value-driven hotels and restaurants. Our mission is to be a source of joy for our guests, growth for our employees, wealth for our investors and inspiration for the communities in which we serve. WHW creates pleasing spaces that provide affordable delight by developing or purchasing hotel and restaurant properties and operating them to high guest-satisfaction standards.

Wirta Hospitality Worldwide

WHW Core Values

  • Providing our guests with the best possible experience – we deliver a guest experience that is clean, friendly and entertaining, not simply food and shelter.
  • Supporting our employee’s growth – We value employee well-being, promote from within, and encourage the free and open flow of ideas.
  • Caring about our community and our environment – We believe in tourism that is sustainable and enhances the local community.
  • Creating long-term relationships – We benefit from the people with whom we do business, so we want our vendors, suppliers, and contractors to benefit from our success too.
  • Growing through continuous improvement – We develop through training, innovation and creativity, because improving who were are today means a brighter future for the next generation.
  • Communicating openly, honestly and frequently – We are transparent to our guests, team members and business partners in who we are and what we do.

My story – I’ve always loved two things; welcoming friends and building things. When I was little, I stacked wooden blocks into whimsical towers, when I was a teenager, friends and I built a log cabin where we could gather during cold New Hampshire winters, and when in college, two friends and I converted an old dance hall into The Harbor Gameroom, a popular summertime arcade. I was raised in Lake Sunapee, NH, part of a community that had been greeting summer tourists for over a century. My grandparents were the live-in caretakers of Soo-Nipi Lodge, one of the premier resorts that ringed the pristine lake. Growing up I worked in many of the area’s hotel and restaurants and was accepted into the University of New Hampshire’s hotel management program. Finally, after a successful, twenty-five-year corporate career, I returned to my passion and, along with my wife, Trisha, founded our own hospitality company. Today I’m doing what I’ve always loved best – welcoming guests and creating pleasing gathering spaces.

Bret Wirta – CEO