Advocates for our National Parks

Staffing the WNPF booth

Staffing the WNPF booth

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”

The famous naturalist, John Muir, wrote that back in 1912, and I believe it’s even more true today – all of us can benefit from outdoor recreation. Muir was one of the earliest advocates of spending time outdoors, and to be certain that there would always be wild places of beauty to visit, he became an eloquent spokesperson for the concept of our National Parks. Today, that same passionate National Park advocacy has been handed down to filmmakers like Ken Burns who has documented our National Parks and called them, “America’s best idea.” The next generation of filmmakers, like Shaun McGillivary, has seized the torch with his new film, National Parks Adventure.

Our company is also a passionate advocate of our National Parks. We love our parks for their wildness and beauty, but also for the sense of well-being, spirituality and recreation they provide for our employees, guests and the communities that we serve. I volunteer as Board President for the Washington’s National Park Fund. Last year, the WNPF raised $600,000 to assist Olympic, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades National Parks. The WNPF’s strategic plan is to become an even stronger partner in supporting the mission of these three, local, National Parks.

I think John Muir would be proud.