Emotional intelligence – Being smart isn’t just having a high IQ

Bret Wirta and Steve Barth

Bret Wirta and Steve Barth

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand emotions, use the information to guide your thinking and behavior, and adjust your own emotions to achieve your goals. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage change. Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of future success depends on EI (emotional intelligence) rather than IQ.

Steve Barth is one of the foremost authorities on Emotional Intelligence. I have attend many of his lectures. Recently at a hospitality conference in Las Vegas, Steve began by saying that your ego is your enemy. You need to understand true empathy, like understanding what it’s like to be a shredded chicken salad, but from chicken’s perspective! Conflict is not about right or wrong. It’s about meeting needs. The stronger the emotional connection you build with your customers the greater their loyalty. Conversely, you get graded by the lowest score from any single individual on your team. Your organizational chart needs to be a reverse pyramid with supervisors on the bottom and employees on the top.

Steve said don’t compare yourselves to others. Focus on you and your health, but have self-respect and passion for others. Respect others time, space, person, beliefs, and ideas. Listen empathetically – this will change your destiny and your life.

I love what Steve says and encourage everybody to work on improving their Emotional Intelligence. More at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/417592