How to Unleash Your Full Potential Daily

Matt Mayberry at CHOC conference

Matt Mayberry at CHOC conference

Matt Mayberry, a former NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is a motivational speaker and author. Recently, I heard him speak at a Choice Hotels conference in Minneapolis. Matt championed becoming a life-long learner, one of our company’s core values. Not just for the immediate gain, but improving who we are today creates a brighter future for the next generation.

To unleash your full potential every day of your life, Matt said, “Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you your future. Success leaves clues. Be obsessed with hanging out with people smarter than you.”

We need to take full and complete responsibility for our lives. We can’t control events, but we can control how we respond.

Even if you are experiencing success, disrupt yourself before the marketplace does, because the market never lies. Don’t be a Blockbuster Video.

Understand the power of goals. Most people don’t know how to set goals, and because of that, most people don’t get out of their comfort zone.

Matt also talked about culture. Culture eats strategy for breakfast lunch and dinner. To build the culture you want, you must truly believe in your direction, with every fiber in your being. You must “sell” your culture during ever interaction. Finally, you must demand it from every employee, every day.

To be a great leader, we all need to love more, serve more and care more. I thought this was the most important message. We need a lot more of that in our world today.

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