Take Control of Your Mind

L to R - Bret Wirta, Trisha Wirta, Steve Gutzler and Becca Wirta at WLA

L to R – Bret Wirta, Trisha Wirta, Steve Gutzler and Becca Wirta at WLA

Steve Gutzler is one of the nation’s premier thought leaders on leadership, Emotional Intelligence and personal transformation. My family met Steve at a recent hospitality conference. At the conference we were bombarded by information, and by the third day my head was spinning, my eyes were crossed and I was having trouble absorbing new data.

Steve said that the greatest enemy to your best thoughts is their dilution due to information overload. This happens to us daily in our overly-connected world.

In his recent blog Steve talked about ways to prevent that overload. Steve said, “One way is to read one book at a time for 30 minutes/day. In this way, I am intentionally feeding my mind high-value content, but am not overwhelmed by many different topics vying for my attention controlling the input.”

At the conference Steve and I also talked about the importance of time for daily reflection. Steve said that the best leaders reserve time for quality thinking. He said that this “thinking time” is more valuable than surface level conversation or unplanned work.

I agree with Steve. Unplug for a few minutes every day – and take control of your mind.

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